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The Ticket Broker Business

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Ticket Brokering Business

So you want to be a ticket broker? This can be a fun and exciting business but can be wrought with stress, worry and disappointment. It can also be very rewarding both financially and emotionally.

The ticket brokering business gets a bad rap from many people in that most believe that it is a business with no product being offered to customers but simply inflating the price of event tickets. Many believe that the ticket broker simply hoards up available tickets to different events and then automatically resells them to the public with no risk to themselves. This is far from the case.

A ticket broker will purchase tickets in advance to a sporting event or concert with the "HOPE" that they will be able to sell at a profit. In actuality this is far from the case. Many times a ticket broker will purchase these tickets in advance and either sell at a loss just to get some of their money back or at worse be stuck with the tickets that go unsold. Many a ticket broker looks at his inventory Monday morning with a stack of useless, expired tickets from the weekend.

The Ticket Broker thus must buy tickets he knows he can sell at a profit in order to continue in this business. There is no sure thing in the ticket broker business. As in any speculative endeavor whether it be real estate, the stock market, gold coins or ticket brokering the key is buy low and sell high. Now how does one do this?

The only way to do this is with experience and some luck. The ticket broker to be successful must devote a lot of time and effort to his business and he must have the wherewithal to weather some lean times and mistakes in buying tickets. If you only have a bankroll of a couple hundred dollars and you make one mistake in a ticket purchase you can be out of the business quickly.

Finding good seats to sold out events is a good start. Scouring eBay or Craig's list for fan's excess tickets they would not use is a good means to find tickets for resell. It is key to have the exposure for your business in order to resell any tickets you do have. The Ticket Broker to be successful is usually the result of word of mouth and referrals. Treating your customers right as in any business leads to success.

The Ticket Broker serves a useful purpose for the sporting and concert industries. He allows fans to easily purchase tickets to an event and he serves as a method for fans that have bought tickets but cannot use them to unload them easily.

Also remember if you find yourself wanting to get some tickets to a sold out event or if you are looking to unload your excess tickets you should use a reputable source such as a ticket broker that is a member of the Better Business Bureau, Member of the Better Ticketing Association or The National Association of Ticket Brokers. DON'T GET RIPPED OFF!

Michael Davis is the President and Founder of EZ-Ticket.com, an independent ticket broker based in Addison, Texas. EZ-Ticket was established in 2002 and has provided 1000s of event tickets for fans of almost any sporting or concert event over the years. Michael is EZ-Ticket Mike and can be heard every Wednesday giving his sports commentary with Kate Delaney on America Tonight Radio.